There are Enlightened Sannyasins

Anybody who is ready to be a little courageous can become enlightened.

Enlightenment is your potential.  It is not something far away that you have to reach.  You don't have to go to Everest and sit there to find enlightenment. [...]

Enlightenment is everybody's potential.  Wherever you are, you can become enlightened.  You just have to drop all the crap that others have given to you.

You have to be courageous enough to face nothingness, utter silence.  And in that moment - a split moment - everything has changed.

So soon my communes will be having enlightened people, a few of the communes already have. [...]

There are enlightened sannyasins.  It is just out of gratitude that they don't want their names to be declared.  While I am here, they don't want themselves to be declared as enlightened.  I would love to declare them, but I can understand their difficulties.  People will start feeling jealous, people will start feeling competitive.  People will start finding faults in them.  Why create trouble for those people?  But their energy will be used.

From Death to Deathlessness, Chapter 3