I AM NOW™ Adventures

The Crystallization of Self ™

You are invited to join Isa and Malika at Celestial Waters for an Inner Awareness Mastery NOW™ Adventure. I AM NOW™ Adventures do not promise to make you better, to take away your pain or to improve your life. I AM NOW™ Adventures promise to provide you with a path by which you can discover the truth of who you are, find freedom from being the victim/oppressor and experience the moment. I AM NOW™ Adventures give you tools that you can use to release yourself from the prison of your ego-based circumstances.

I AM NOW™ Adventures are for those seeking to discover and honestly experience themselves, experience this moment and are open to new possibilities.

I AM NOW™ Adventures consist of Satsang with Isa, sessions in the I AM NOW™ process and various meditation techniques with Isa and Malika. The Adventure requires you to use your mind to go beyond the limitations of your mind. This is accomplished through satsang, meditation, lecture, question and answer and experiential exercises. The daily meditations allow you to experience a space of no mind. Our most frequently used meditation techniques are: I AM NOW™ Vipassana and Silent Nature Walks lead by Isa and I AM NOW™ Circle, Osho Active Meditations, Dancing and Singing lead by Malika.

Satsang with Isa gives you the opportunity to experience a communion of truth from one being to another. Isa speaks from his truth, which when combined with the energy of the moment, can transport you to experience your own truth. When you open yourself to Isa’s words, energy and silence, you grab onto the tail of a comet, catch its flame and then experience your own flame of truth.

Isa is loving and compassionate, yet he does not coddle or seek to save you. He serves as a mirror in which you can see yourself and see how your ego keeps you trapped. Sometimes, honestly looking at yourself may be painful, but if you are courageous, the sky is the limit!

I AM NOW™ Adventures last between two days and a week. Longer programs are available. I AM NOW™ Adventures are available on an individual and group basis and vary according to the dictates of the moment.

For information on initiation into the I AM NOW™ family and Certification as an I AM NOW™ Life Coach contact Malika.

I AM NOW™ participants stay at Celestial Waters while they experience the I AM NOW™ Adventure. We offer camping and communal style lodging in the Dharma Dorm, a comfortable little cottage in a scenic creek side setting. It has heat and air conditioning, four bunk beds, queen size sofa bed, mini refrigerator, microwave oven, audio tape player and private bath. Towels and bedding are provided. Campers must bring their own tents, towels and bedding.

Schedule and Cost

I AM NOW™ Adventures, experiences and sessions are scheduled on an individual or group basis. group basis.

Please contact Malika at Inner Awareness Mastery NOW™ if you wish more information or wish to plan an I AM NOW™ Adventure, experience, session or certification.


Do not wear perfumes, colognes, scented toiletries or oils when you come to Celestial Waters.

Do not come to Celestial Waters if you are experiencing a cold, sore throat, cough or other contagious illness. If you become ill and have already paid for an I AM NOW™ Adventure, it will be rescheduled.