Isa Hands You the Flame

When Isa first came into my life, I knew instinctively that an extraordinary journey was about to begin and one that continues today. To see Isa is to see the unimaginable reflected so clearly in another’s eyes and to serve praise to the silence that blankets every breath. Until I met Isa, this type of man had merely been a thought in my mind, derived from accounts that I had read about the mad god men of India. To actually stand in Isa’s wake for the first time and then to gaze into his dark luminous eyes, seeming to see only love, was an extraordinary experience.

Isa is a simple man, actually quite ordinary, whose soft smile and gentle manner beguile the ocean within; a man who with a glance, a joke and a mischievous wink, will hand you the flame; and who with a glance, will enrapture your being and read your heart.

Just look into a child’s eyes, feel the essence of the morning sea while dawn is still approaching, observe a fresh yellow leaf resting on a pile of wood, and you are likely to experience the same communion that Isa lives and breathes each moment. Whether present or absent, Isa remains a rhythm that once known, will continue pouring into your consciousness like a river flowing into the ocean. Isa is as untamable as the sharpest sword, yet is as fragile as the most delicate chrysalis in a rose garden. To engage in subtle discourse with him is to become drunk with joy one moment and become shattered by the fragrance of a summer’s breeze the next.

A fire once lit pays no heed to its first spark. So, beware because the ignition that is Isa will host a feast on your straw house of self. He will demand you to burn it down. In the heat of his presence, you will be scorched by the fire of your own intention. With blazing words, and a grace and compassion drawn from an endless flow of love, Isa will challenge your ego and guide you to bring birth to your inner being.

Isa follows the tradition of the adepts that have come before him, but he uses a fresh new approach more suitable for modern day man. It is called I AM NOW™ and is the spontaneous flowering that Isa experienced as he sought his pathway to the divine. In deep gratitude, Isa is sharing I AM NOW™ with you. So, let your covenant be strong, but be prepared to either have your fantasy world devoured or to flee at the first sight of his sandals.

With love and gratitude,

Shane Lovelink

Bangkok, Thailand