Celestial Waters

Home of Inner Awareness Mastery NOW™

Celestial Waters is a rustic mountain haven nestled in the Blueridge Mountains of North Carolina. Surrounded by the lush richness of nature at Celestial Waters, you can enjoy the natural beauty of over 100 scenic acres of forests, trails, creeks, waterfalls and a small lake. Celestial Waters is located approximately one hour southeast of Asheville, NC.

Celestial Waters has a special energy all its own, next to a gently cascading waterfall, in the midst of nature’s wondrous handiwork. Here you will find a safe and friendly environment, perfect for exploring yourself.

I AM NOW™ participants stay at Celestial Waters while they experience the I AM NOW™ Adventure. The peaceful silence and the natural tranquility of Celestial Waters provides the ideal setting for experiencing yourself and I AM NOW™.

In 1992, after many years of meditating and self-examination, Isa was blessed with the ultimate accident, becoming awakened. In 1995, he left the world of academia and moved to Lake Lure, NC, with Malika, his life partner of over 30 years. Today he no longer functions as a psychologist or a professor. He simply serves as a mirror, a vehicle for people who wish to wake up. To be in Isa’s presence can be a rare and beautiful catalyst for waking up to the joys of each moment, to the totality of what is and to the awareness that everything is as it should be.

A number of attractions are within a 25 minute drive, such as:

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