Meet Isa

Isa began his journey into awareness and meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the early seventies. In 1978, he took his family to Pune, India to visit one of the great enlightened mystics of modern times, Osho. In Osho’s presence, Isa first became aware of NOW and his oneness with the moment and everything contained within it. His love, awe and gratitude to Osho were so tremendous that he became a disciple of Osho and has remained so to this very moment.

During Isa’s departing Darshan with Osho, Osho asked him to go out into the world and lead groups. Isa returned to the US and subsequently founded Inner Awareness Mastery NOW™ and has led classes, groups, seminars and adventures in I AM NOW™ for many years.

Isa was a psychologist and professor at the University of South Florida in Tampa for over 15 years. He is the author of numerous books, chapters, journal and magazine articles. In addition, he has spoken to a vast array of audiences and has been a guest speaker on numerous television and radio programs. His work on awareness has been incorporated in various state, county, city and private facilities and organizations.

In 1992, after many years of meditating and self-examination, Isa was blessed with the ultimate accident, becoming awakened. In 1995, he left the world of academia and moved to Lake Lure, NC, with Malika, his life partner of over 30 years. Today he no longer functions as a psychologist or a professor. He simply serves as a mirror, a vehicle for people who wish to wake up. To be in Isa’s presence can be a rare and beautiful catalyst for waking up to the joys of each moment, to the totality of what is and to the awareness that everything is as it should be.